Web Of Spider-Man #107 (1985-1995)


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"The Coming Storm" Part 1 of 2. Script by Terry Kavanagh. Pencils by Alex Saviuk. Inks by Stephen Baskerville. Cover by Alex Saviuk and Stephen Baskerville. The Daily Bugle breaks a major story about a research cover-up at Empire State University! And the scandal involves the wife of the Bugle's publisherÂ…Dr. Marla Madison! What is Jonah going to do? In the meantime, the web-slinger makes tracks over to ESU to investigate! And discovers a sandstormÂ…literally! Spider-Man's return to campus won't be a day at the beach for sure! First appearance of Sandstorm (aka Tony Trainer). Cameo appearances by the Sandman and Quicksand. Backup story: "Tainted" Part 1 of 2. Script by Carl Potts. Pencils by Bill Wylie. Inks by Fred Fredericks. Down on the docks, Cardiac busts up an illegal shipment of tainted medicine! His nighttime crusade is going splendidly until one of the wall-crawler's long-time foes attacks! The Scorpion!

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